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Unlock growth with deep market insights

Market Intelligence provides healthcare provider organizations with dynamic market analytics to inform initiatives that drive growth. Built from robust claims and consumer datasets, interactive analytics and data visualizations make it easy to analyze volumes and trends from many perspectives, including diagnosis, procedure, service line, provider, unique patients, and geography. With access via a front-end platform and your internal systems, your teams have the market insights they need at their fingertips.

Unlock growth with deep market insights

Harness your market’s full potential

Learn how the top provider organizations use Market Intelligence to fuel growth.


Market sizing and utilization

Assess across populations, service lines, and geographies to forecast opportunities and plan for growth.


Market share and competitive benchmarking

Assess your and your competitors’ market share by service line, procedure, and other dimensions.


Merger & acquisition due diligence and valuation

Inform pricing, geographic, and other acquisition decisions with volume, revenue, and plan mix data.


Price transparency and rate negotiation

Power contracting strategy with procedure pricing benchmarks on national, state, and local trends.


Consumer and provider demand

Understand consumer and provider preferences as shifts in care and payment models drive service offerings.

Answer your critical questions

Market Intelligence helps you answer important questions such as:


Who are my top competitors?

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What is my market size and how is it trending over time?


Which service lines should I invest in based on claims volumes, unique patients, provider activity, and geography?


What is the payment range for an outpatient procedure in my market?

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Who are the consumers in my market and what type of care are they accessing?


What is the demographic composition of unique patients in a high-demand area?

See how we can help answer your questions.

Elevate your strategic initiatives

Market Intelligence helps you:

Increase net revenues

by driving strategic service line and market share growth

Meet patient demand

through consumer-centric models of care and investment in the right services and locations

Improve financial stability

with stronger payor rate negotiations and better strategic and financial planning

Flexible market analysis

Flexible market analysis

Our self-service analytics make it easy to analyze your market and trends. Dynamically analyze volumes at both macro and granular levels, as well as from various perspectives, including geography, procedures, diagnoses, providers, unique patients, and more.

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Analytics for growth-focused teams

With Market Intelligence, your entire organization has the data and analytics it needs for its strategic initiatives.

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Analytics for growth-focused teams
Multiple access options

Multiple access options

You can access Market Intelligence from both a front-end platform and your own systems. Our self-service platform provides pre-built dashboards and customizable data visualizations, which can be used as is, or downloaded as templates. You can also use APIs and direct data to integrate the data and analytics into the systems you use every day.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    The foundation of our approach is intentionally acquiring more, and more complete, claims data. Our data acquisition strategy includes not just core commercially available claims, but also specifically licensed subsets of data for a complete dataset. In addition, Populi, LLC, which provides the Populi business line, is a Qualified Entity. Populi receives 100% of Medicare Parts A, B and D data in a timelier manner and with more data detail.

    We are innovative for providing simplified direct access to our data products. Our customers have the flexibility to create their own dashboards and reports, as well as combine our data with other data to address important business questions.

    Yes. While each state has individual differences, we acquire every claims dataset we know can be purchased.

    There are some payors, such as Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, that are less represented in the data. Kaiser is a ‘closed loop’ health plan and system whose claims generally don’t funnel through claims clearinghouses unless the patient is seen at an out-of-network location. Anthem BCBS tends to suppress their data from being available in the claims marketplace. In addition, there are some other regional/local health plans that operate as closed loops or have billing relationships that prevent their claims from being comprehensively available.

    We strive to be transparent and educational about our data density and coverage. We encourage you to ask our experts about your local market.

    Yes. Any type of clinical care and care entity for which claims are typically submitted for services provided to a patient appear in our data. The only exception is Dental providers. There isn't a robust ecosystem of claims for dentists and orthodontists available, so we do not serve that sector.

    We look forward to sharing more with you! To get a proof-of-concept demo specific to your market and top business questions, sign up for a demo, or speak with your sales and account executives.