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Pinpoint providers and allied health professionals

See detailed intelligence on more than 2.6 million physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to identify and engage the right providers with the right message. Each profile organizes data from nearly 20 different public, private and proprietary sources into 11 high-level categories, so you can uncover top hospital and physician group affiliations, most-prescribed drugs by NDC code and more.


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Gather new insights

PhysicianView includes data sets such as:

Provider specialty designation

PhysicianView combines our primary research with data from the NPI registry to provide more accurate primary and secondary specialty designations.

Telehealth usage and adoption

Harness the power of our all-payor claims data to understand a provider's overall adoption of telehealth and how it compares to their peers.

Affiliations to other healthcare organizations

Pinpoint key physician relationships and spheres of influence with data on primary, current and historical affiliations with other healthcare organizations.

Clinical activity and prescribing behavior

With robust all-payor claims data, you’ll get snapshots into overall clinical activity and breakouts for commercial and prescription claims volumes.

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Get a comprehensive view

PhysicianView gives you essential insights that power your commercial strategy with access to:

Supercharge your searches

Identify overarching trends with market-level searches for procedure, diagnosis and prescribing behavior. Then, hone in on the specific segments of the physician market using a wide variety of specialty, affiliation, diagnosis, prescription and technology characteristics to understand the potential addressable market.

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Robust physician and provider profiles

Understand physician specialties, licensing, locations, affiliations, technology usage and more. Quickly identify, connect and conduct high-quality conversations with the right physicians to drive your business.

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Specialized data sets

PhysicianView delivers access to a unique blend of physician and provider level intelligence. Our hospital, medical, and prescription claims data provide you with up-to-date information on physician activity, and our proprietary data on technology usage and telehealth adoption enable you to identify physicians with their sights set on the future.

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DH View Suite mobile app

The DH View Suite mobile app gives you the healthcare intelligence you need, right when you need it. Turn idle moments into productive opportunities with instant access to target accounts, real-time insights, and key metrics on healthcare practitioners, all from your mobile device.

Unlock opportunities

PhysicianView can be used to:


Gain market intelligence

Conduct market-level searches by diagnosis, procedure, prescription and more to accurately size the physician market for your product, solution or therapy.


Optimize go-to-market planning

Access up-to-date contact information for both the physician and their primary practice location to easily connect with physicians in your target segments.


Guide product development

Identify, connect with and gain insights from influential physicians in your target organizations, from consultants to beta testers.

Focus on what matters

PhysicianView enables you to:

Increase efficiency

PhysicianView combines difficult-to-find data on open payments from manufacturers, medical board orders and actions, MIPS performance scores and more, so you can get all the intelligence you need from a single source.

Improve conversion rates

Deliver targeted messaging using specific CPT and ICD codes, view by patient population usage of other provider types and sort through more characteristics to identify provider segments that would benefit from your outreach.

Expand your database

In addition to robust claims-based affiliation data, you can expand your contact database by seeing physicians with the same primary specialty within a 25-mile radius.

Expand your view

PhysicianView provides even greater value when integrated with other data products to create comprehensive industry solutions and use-case specific solutions. PhysicianView comes with these solutions:


Size market opportunities, engage clinical experts and identify provider and patient targets to speed up commercialization.

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Get holistic data to segment and size markets, differentiate against competitors and identify key decision makers.

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Healthcare Providers

See both the clinical and commercial landscape to generate insights that improve clinical outcomes and optimize revenue.

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Consulting & Financial Services

Get the confidence to provide healthcare market expertise with analysis and insights grounded in current market data.

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Medical Devices

Ensure investments align with quantifiable market opportunities and optimize sales planning with targeted providers and patients.

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Leverage comprehensive healthcare commercial intelligence for market segmentation and buyer engagement to accelerate time to market.

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Market Intelligence

Size markets, assess the competitive landscape and direct investments with data-based market analysis.

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Sales Intelligence & Optimization

Access rich data and analytics to increase sales productivity and align territories and account planing with buyer insights.

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Product Development

Ground your product development strategy in quantifiable market needs to direct investments toward effectives commercialization.

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Frequently asked questions

    PhysicianView is a Definitive Healthcare product that provides access to detailed intelligence on more than 2.6 million physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to identify and engage the right providers with the right message. Each profile contains information on practice locations, affiliations, claims, prescription behaviors, open payments from manufacturers or GPOs, durable medical equipment, population, similar physicians, clinical quality, technologies, clinical trials, and licensing.

    PhysicianView tracks more than 20 different types of healthcare professionals including doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

    PhysicianView offers visibility into both current and historical affiliations, so you can track affiliations to different organizations (e.g., hospitals, health systems, home health agencies, and physician groups) as well as the length of time and strength with the affiliated organization. This information is critical for you to understand the level of influence physicians have on specific healthcare organizations, determine factors that could influence a provider’s ability to purchase a solution or therapy, and identify potential physician candidates for recruitment.

    At the market level, you can conduct diagnosis, procedures, drug and durable medical equipment searches by code (e.g., DRG, ICD, HCPCs/CPT) or by drug name. Use our physician profiles to access claims data on the diagnosis, procedures, and drugs prescribed.