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  • What Is Healthcare Commercial Intelligence?

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Building and selling a product for the healthcare market is complex. Answers to critical questions are often buried in disparate information systems, making centralized insights hard to come by. Healthcare commercial intelligence (HCI) is a new category of software that untangles the web of data on delivery systems, physicians, payors, patients, government organizations and more to identify the people, opportunities and organizations that are the best fit for your product.

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Insights that power commercialization

Healthcare commercial intelligence answers important questions, such as:


Where will my treatment be most powerful?


How can I reach this contact?


Who are early adopters for new treatments?


How should I price my drug?


Where are patients being referred?


Who are the major payors in this health system?

Why does it matter

Why does it matter?

The healthcare sector represents nearly $4 trillion in annual spend and is growing about 6% annually. However, commercial success within the healthcare ecosystem is difficult to achieve. The complex relationships between physicians, hospitals, providers, healthcare insurance companies, government regulators, and patients make it particularly difficult to develop and sell products into the healthcare ecosystem. Companies can overcome the challenges of navigating complex care delivery organizations, a multi-payor system made up of public and private entities and non-standard organizational structures, with healthcare commercial intelligence.

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How it works

How does it work?

Healthcare commercial intelligence combines data, analytics, and expertise from multiple datasets with advanced data science and artificial intelligence to create a holistic picture of the healthcare landscape. With this comprehensive and integrated view, companies are able to map decision-making entities, quantify ROI for products, size total addressable markets, access contact data for buyers and decision-makers and more. Healthcare commercial intelligence unlocks the market context and market contacts for every step of the commercialization process.

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Who is it for?

Healthcare commercial intelligence enables any company selling into healthcare to bring their products to market faster and more efficiently. These include healthcare-specific organizations like biopharma, medical device, and healthcare IT, to multi-vertical organizations like professional services, staffing, food service, waste management, and any other company supporting the healthcare supply chain. Even healthcare provider systems use healthcare commercial intelligence to develop their growth strategy.

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Empower your commercial success

Healthcare commercial intelligence can benefit almost any industry in multiple ways. Companies are already using it to:

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Market new drugs

Find physicians caring for underdiagnosed patients with rare diseases that could benefit from new treatments.


Prove value

Compare readmission rates of hospital customers versus non-customers to demonstrate ROI.

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Hit the right targets

Identify which physicians are referring patients with specific diseases.

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Grow their business

Help health system customers build their geographic expansion strategy based on patient flow and affiliation data.

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Go-to-market fairly

Price solutions accurately based on data-backed estimates of volume, usage, and more.

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Recruit new patients

Identify experts in niche fields to find new patients and influence the market through speaking engagements.

A competitive edge

Companies that leverage healthcare commercial intelligence are better able to:

See the entire ecosystem

Bring together billions of data points, from delivery systems and physicians to payors, patients, government organizations, and more.

Get ahead

Deliver targeted proposals that demonstrate your unique value proposition and address industry and account-level pain points.

Improve operations

Access comprehensive intelligence with customized analytics in a single platform to streamline intelligence-gathering and go-to-market activities.

Understand relationships

Use detailed analytics to uncover how healthcare organizations and physicians are interconnected through affiliations, referrals, and shared patients.

Embrace change

Identify new market- and account-level opportunities driven by changing industry regulations and advancements.

Unlock crucial insights

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