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Get the healthcare commercial intelligence your organization needs to navigate the market, whether it’s one data product or a comprehensive solution.

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We’re transforming billions of data points into meaningful answers that create paths to commercial success in the healthcare market. Watch the video to see how Northeast Scientific Inc. uses healthcare commercial intelligence to identify high-value providers and facilities.

2.6 million

profiles on hospitals, physicians, health systems, long-term care facilities, and other providers.

Tens of billions

of hospital, medical, and prescription claims from Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party commercial payors.

Daily updates

on executive moves, mergers and acquisitions, requests for proposals, and certificates of need.

Drive commercial success

Healthcare commercial intelligence can benefit businesses in almost every industry. Companies all over the world are using it to:

Market new drugs

Find physicians caring for underdiagnosed patients with rare diseases who could benefit from new treatments.

Prove value

Compare readmission rates of hospital customers versus non-customers to demonstrate ROI.

Hit the right targets

Identify which physicians are referring patients with specific diseases.

Grow their business

Help health system customers build their geographic expansion strategy based on patient flow and affiliation data.

Go to market fairly

Price solutions accurately based on data-backed estimates of volume, usage, and more.

Recruit new patients

Identify experts in niche fields to find new patients and influence the market through speaking engagements.

See the whole market

The Definitive ID is a unique identifier that powers the entire Definitive Healthcare platform. It offers a comprehensive, long-term view of the complex and fragmented healthcare ecosystem, helping businesses navigate the market and make smarter decisions.

Data inputs

Unique ID for every player

Definitive ID: Complete universal coverage. #1 source of affiliations data. Physicians, physician groups, connected care, clinics, imaging centers, long term care, ASCs, payors, GPOs, and hospitals. Complete universalcoverage #1 source of affiliations data Definitive ID Physicians Hospitals Physiciangroups Connectedcare Clinics Payors GPOs Imagingcenters ASCs Long termcare

Atlas Dataset

Definitive ID features: Complete provider universe, claims and analytics, affiliations and relationships, patient leakage and network analytics, physician referral patterns, financial metrics and tech infrastructure, daily opportunities, and executive and physician contacts. Complete provider universe Affiliations & relationships Physician referral patterns Daily opportunities Claims & analytics Patient leakage & network analytics Financial metrics &tech infrastructure Executive & physician contacts

Frequently asked questions

    Definitive Healthcare offers a broad range of solutions, priced to give you maximum flexibility. Customize one of three package tiers to design the best solution for your needs.

    Definitive Healthcare offers a wide range of annual subscription packages and options depending on your business needs. Our team will work with you to discuss specific payment terms.

    Many! Our support services include a customer experience team of solution experts, various training resources, and optional professional services support for custom projects to ensure you get the most out of our products and solutions.

    Built on best practices from over 1,400+ data integration projects, our matching process attaches a Definitive ID to each record in your dataset, ensuring that the right data elements appear in the right places. Choose from a range access methods that sync data with your internal CRM, ERP, data warehouse, and other systems.

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