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Amplify the impact of your growth efforts

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Providers helps healthcare organizations of all sizes grow revenue and expand their market reach. Built with unmatched data on the healthcare ecosystem, our analytics deliver unique insights into provider activity, market dynamics, and consumer demand. Powerful visualizations let you analyze the market from any angle, while seamless access from our platform or your systems ensures everyone has the intelligence needed to grow.

Amplify the impact of your growth efforts

Explore our solution bundles

Whether you’re a large health system, a post-acute facility, or a small ambulatory site, our solution will help you drive revenue-focused initiatives—all while ensuring high-quality care. Our provider data and analytics solution includes:

    Market Intelligence

    Inform strategic growth initiatives with dynamic market analytics built from claims and consumer datasets. Interactive analytics and data visualizations make it easy to assess market volumes and trends, from high-level insights to granular details of specific service lines, providers, geographies, and codes. With applications spanning strategy, finance, and beyond, you can:

    • Analyze market size and share
    • Assess patient utilization across services and care sites
    • Gain competitive insights
    • Support growth and population health efforts
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    Market Intelligence

    Network Intelligence

    Manage your network performance with dynamic claims, affiliation, and referral pattern analytics. Understand your market with customizable visuals that allow easy analysis of referral and provider activity from any perspective or scale. You can also integrate Network Intelligence into internal systems including your Provider Relationship Management (PRM). Empower strategy, business development, and other teams to:

    • Improve network integrity
    • Reduce outmigration
    • Target providers
    • Identify growth opportunities
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    Network Intelligence

    Provider Intelligence

    Inform your provider outreach and targeting strategy with robust affiliation and attribute data on more than 2.8 million healthcare professionals and 301,000 organizations. Provider Intelligence delivers proprietary affiliation data on provider relationships, including contextual elements like contact information and which days a healthcare professional is most likely at a location. Used across diverse teams, from business development to marketing, you can:

    • Segment and target providers
    • Expand your provider directory
    • Recruit and market to providers and executives
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    Provider Intelligence

    Population Intelligence

    Optimize your marketing from start to finish with compliant patient and consumer analytics for campaign targeting and activation. Population Intelligence is built from data on 200+ million unique consumers, which includes proprietary propensity models that use machine learning to assess consumers’ likelihood to have a specific condition or behavior. This helps various teams, including marketing and strategic finance:

    • Precisely segment and target consumers
    • Build campaign audiences
    • Match and append patient records
    • Activate consumers in the right channels and platforms
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    Population Intelligence

    Provider solutions for your key business goals

    Our solution for healthcare provider organizations answers critical questions such as:


    Which providers should I target based on their affiliations or other attributes?

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    Are my affiliated providers consistently sending patients to my specialists?


    Which service lines, geographies, locations, and providers should we invest in?


    What type of care are the consumers in my service area accessing?

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    Which consumers should I engage based on specific attributes or behaviors?


    Which consumers are new to our service area and are likely to re-establish care?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    A solution for your top use cases

    Empower every team in your organization with easily customizable data, analytics, and visuals, built to address your critical business needs across these top use cases:


    Growth and expansion

    Ensure your initiatives such as service line strategy, acquisitions, and financial planning are grounded in a data-driven approach.


    Network integrity

    Manage your provider network and identify high-value opportunities that will improve in- and outmigration.


    Patient acquisition and retention

    Uncover key providers, consumers, and patients and tailor engagement based on their characteristics and activity.


    Contracting strategy

    Advance your value-based and fee-for-service strategies with a comprehensive understanding of market rates and benchmarks.

    Best-in-class data and intelligence

    Exceptional data and intelligence

    Our provider solution delivers a unique combination of industry-leading affiliation, claims, reference, social determinants of health, and consumer-level data. Access proprietary intelligence built on top of our robust dataset, like our signature Service Line Groupers that standardize clinical service lines, eliminating manual code categorization.

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    Dynamic analytics and visualizations

    Our self-service analytics are specifically designed for provider organizations. You can easily query data including geography, service lines, codes, and providers. Whether it’s from our platform or your own systems, you can customize data visuals to explore your market from high-level overviews to code-level details.

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    Dynamic analytics and visualizations
    Data and analytics for your entire organization

    Data and analytics for your entire organization

    Our solution empowers departments across your company with unique use cases to collaborate seamlessly toward a common goal.

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    Drive your organization forward

    Our provider solution helps you:

    Cultivate your provider network

    Establish new relationships and nurture existing ones with referral, claims, and affiliation intelligence.

    Expand your market presence

    Propel growth initiatives with intuitive analytics that uncover what’s happening in your market and why.

    Acquire and retain more patients

    Serve the right patients with the right care at the right time with dynamic claims, consumer, and patient analytics.

    Whatever your system, our solution works seamlessly within it

    Whatever your system, our solution works seamlessly within it

    Use analytics within our self-service platform or easily integrate them into your internal systems and workflows. Multiple access methods, including our direct data access, BI connectors, and native Salesforce apps, ensure everyone gets the data they need, right where they need it.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

      Our solution delivers a unique combination of industry-leading affiliation, all-payor and Medicare claims, reference, social determinants of health, consumer-level, and modeled data in a single offering. Our Atlas Reference and Affiliation dataset was recently ranked #1 or #2 by healthcare organizations for the top five use cases for healthcare reference and affiliation data according to an independent research survey. Our Atlas All-Payor Claims dataset contains billions of institutional and professional claims that follow patients over time, across payors and care sites. Additionally, our consumer-level dataset features over 180 propensity models that identify consumers who are likely to have a specific condition or exhibit a specific behavior.

      We use complex data science to generate new intelligence from our datasets to provide insights you can only get with Definitive Healthcare. For example, our proprietary propensity models use machine learning to connect actual patient-level health data with consumer demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic data. This enables you to identify, segment, and forecast your target patients’ needs. We also offer signature Service Line Groupers, which provide a standardized way of defining clinical service line definitions. This helps you analyze service lines quickly, without the need to manually categorize and collate diagnosis and procedure codes.

      At Definitive Healthcare, we truly view our customers as partners, and we strive to provide strategic consultation to achieve key business objectives. Our team of industry experts, data scientists, and engineers is here to guide you through onboarding, adoption, and your critical initiatives. This includes technical support, a dedicated customer success manager, consultative support, and a self-service success portal.

      We are thrilled that you’re as excited as we are to get started with our new solution! You can sign up for a proof-of-concept demo with your live market data and speak with your sales or account executives to learn more.