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Access unparalleled physician group intelligence

Get intelligence on more than 124,000 physician groups to quickly understand an entire organization and improve your marketing and sales efforts. Leverage up-to-date organizational profiles with data curated from more than 10 different public, private and proprietary sources. Identify the most strongly affiliated physician members, relationships with other organizations by firm type, key executive leaders and more.


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Tie everything together

PhysicianGroupView includes data sets such as:

Technology installation data

Explore the top technology vendors for physician groups. Our data spans thousands of technology vendors and tens of thousands of products, allowing you to view and sort technology usage at the category, vendor, and product levels.

Group membership

View a complete listing of all group members and identify influential physicians using our proprietary affiliation strength classification.

Medicare and commercial claims

Get in-depth diagnosis, procedure and referral activity intelligence for physician group members using up-to-date, de-identified all-payor claims data.

Healthcare organization affiliation

Get a detailed breakdown of physician group affiliation to other healthcare organizations, including group purchasing organizations and pharmacy distributor memberships.

Executive contacts

Use detailed information on title, department, position and more to identify the right physician groups executive to engage with.

MSO & IPA data

Explore comprehensive affiliations, technology installations, and executive data to find ideal MSOs and IPAs and better segment your market.

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Get a comprehensive view

PhysicianGroupView gives you essential insights that power your commercial strategy with access to:

In-depth organizational profiles

PhysicianGroupView provides access to more than 124,000 organizational profiles rich with easy-to-consume data on every physician member and their affiliation strength, top primary specialties, affiliations to other organizations, claims volumes by payor, tech investments and more.

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De-identified all-payor claims

With our robust hospital, medical, and prescription claims data sets from Medicare and commercial payors, you gain intelligence into physician group activity with metrics like diagnosis by ICD code and procedure by CPT, allowing you to identify market trends and make timely, informed decisions.

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Powerful search functionality

PhysicianGroupView enables you to see changes in market trends and create granular market segments using a wide variety of characteristics at the group, practice location, executive and technology levels. Detailed executive contact lists allow you to evaluate the total addressable market for your product, solution or therapy.

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DH View Suite mobile app

The DH View Suite mobile app gives you the healthcare intelligence you need, right when you need it. Turn idle moments into productive opportunities with instant access to target accounts, real-time insights, and key metrics on physician groups, all from your mobile device.

Understand the landscape

PhysicianGroupView can be used to:


Gain market intelligence

Grow your total addressable market with detailed intelligence on physician groups with overlapping physician membership and expand into adjacent market segments using data on physician group affiliation to other healthcare organizations.


Optimize go-to-market planning

Quickly identify and contact target buyers with market-level executive searches based on physician group characteristics, including type, specialty and region or executive-level characteristics like functional group, title and position.


Improve sales operations

Optimize your sales cycle by using key intelligence on physician group size, affiliations and quality to define territory assignments, align internal resources and power account-level planning.

Supercharge your sales

PhysicianGroupView enables you to:

Increase productivity

PhysicianGroupView combines powerful physician, location and claims-based data elements to deliver a holistic view of a physician group’s membership and performance, eliminating cycles spent searching for and combining data.

Drive decision making

PhysicianGroupView delivers financial metrics on insurance claims, charges and payments, so you can gauge organizational performance and make smarter partnering and acquisition decisions.

Improve segmentation

Use metrics like clinical trial volume, primary group level and physician specialty and participation in Medicare incentive quality programs to create precise segmentations and deliver targeted messaging to key physician groups.

Expand your view

PhysicianGroupView provides even greater value when integrated with other data products to create comprehensive industry solutions and use-case specific solutions. PhysicianGroupView comes with these solutions:


Size market opportunities, engage clinical experts and identify provider and patient targets to speed up commercialization.

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Get holistic data to segment and size markets, differentiate against competitors and identify key decision makers.

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Healthcare Providers

See both the clinical and commercial landscape to generate insights that improve clinical outcomes and optimize revenue.

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Consulting & Financial Services

Get the confidence to provide healthcare market expertise with analysis and insights grounded in current market data.

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Medical Devices

Ensure investments align with quantifiable market opportunities and optimize sales planning with targeted providers and patients.

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Leverage comprehensive healthcare commercial intelligence for market segmentation and buyer engagement to accelerate time to market.

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Market Intelligence

Size markets, assess the competitive landscape and direct investments with data-based market analysis.

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Sales Intelligence & Optimization

Access rich data and analytics to increase sales productivity and align territories and account planing with buyer insights.

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Product Development

Ground your product development strategy in quantifiable market needs to direct investments toward effectives commercialization.

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Frequently asked questions

    We track more than 124,000 physician groups.

    You can precisely segment the physician group market based on key group and practice location characteristics like affiliations, type or demographics.

    Yes! PhysicianGroupView provides contact information on executives including names, titles, emails, affiliations, and more.