Sales and Marketing

Sell smarter with Monocl EGO

Sophisticated life science marketing and sales professionals are looking to fine tune and personalize their outreach to increase engagement across different customer segments and stakeholder categories. To remain competitive, it becomes increasingly important to understand what your prospects and current customers want as well as how to reach out to cut through the noise.

Monocl EGO lets you automatically generate and prioritize among new leads with an interest in your product categories. You are able to sell smarter by focusing on the rights leads and performing highly targeted and personalized marketing and sales communication at scale. Get the actionable insights you need to grow your future and existing accounts through a deep understanding of relationships and collaborations. Track activity across your tailored segments, quantify your markets in greater detail and get notifications and automated lead proposals – all based on your product portfolio and geographical market focus.

Monocl EGO core features:

  • Generate new relevant leads faster and easier in your product areas and based on research profile similarity with your leads and customers
  • Filter and sort scientific experts based on geographical location, scientific impact, detailed author and investigator characteristics and much more
  • Reach out to new leads and drive up sales on existing customers through relationship intelligence, expert activity tracking and lead proposals
  • Quantify markets and establish new detailed sales metrics for your sales teams in carefully defined markets of interest
  • Prioritize and evaluate conference speakers and proceeding authors to improve your conference planning process for any conference of interest
  • Export data, share work spaces with your colleagues and integrate key content with your CRM and marketing platforms to make them intelligent

Platform content


  • 6 703 340 expert profiles
  • 170 010 890 collaborations between experts
  • 126 888 784 relationships between research activities


  • 19 148 201 research publications
  • 240 374 clinical trials
  • $475 billion grant payments
  • $24.94 billion industry payments


Powerful insights enabling you to help you sell smarter

We believe in relational sales and social selling. Monocl EGO offers powerful search capabilities and even proposes potential leads related to your product portfolio and targeted markets. Within seconds from logging in, you can find and prioritize among millions of scientific experts and you have a comprehensive set of filters and sorting options at your disposal to facilitate the process. Key relational insights and expert activity notifications helps you to reach out to leads and existing customers in a smarter manner in order to increase your sales performance and competitiveness.

Created by industry professionals for industry professionals

Monocl EGO has been designed from scratch in close collaboration with global leading companies in Life Science. Each work space in Monocl EGO has been carefully tailored to facilitate your specific daily sales and marketing activities and to enable an iterative work process. The platform is based on a groundbreaking machine learning architecture, which sets a new industry standard for stakeholder analytics and relationship insights.



Our Professional Services adds even more power to your sales and marketing machine

We offer a portfolio of Professional Services to support your Monocl EGO license. This includes lead generation, stakeholder profiling, conference profiling, tailored data integrations and more.

Would you like to enable Monocl EGO’s powerful analytics for you strategically important conferences? We know that speed is crucial for your conference planning process as it enables you to beat out competition. We help you profile and match conference speakers, attendees and proceedings authors with their corresponding profiles in Monocl EGO. Get the report delivered digitally in the platform in less that 24h and enjoy all powerful search and analysis capabilities which helps you target the right speakers, proceedings authors and/or attendees to succeed with your business objectives.