R&D Information

Transform your R&D information and intelligence processes with Monocl EGO

R&D productivity decline is the most significant challenge for pharmaceutical companies and most other companies operating in life science today. The pharma industry is developing fewer new molecular entities and the cost for each is increasing. Considerable efforts have been spent on closing the innovation gap without significant success. A strong and important externalization trend has emerged over the past decade. According to Accenture, 60 % of innovator small molecules and 82 % of innovator biologics during the last ten years have their roots outside of big pharmaceutical companies. This shift greatly increases the competition for external innovators and other stakeholders. It also highlights the importance of having dynamic, efficient and structured R&D collaboration and intelligence processes to identify new opportunities and remain competitive.

Monocl EGO has been designed from scratch to help you optimize and drive your global external R&D collaboration and intelligence processes using a data-driven approach. The platform has been designed to help support and reinforce your existing product portfolio as well as new development programs. Using Monocl EGO, you are able to evaluate suitable collaborators and strategically relevant expertise in areas of interest in a whole new way. We also help you integrate relevant content from Monocl EGO in your internal infrastructure.

Monocl EGO core features:

  • Identify relevant scientific experts, research institutions and other relevant stakeholders within seconds globally in any research area of interest
  • Filter, sort and prioritize among potential R&D collaborators based on e.g. scientific relevance, geographical location, research characteristics and funding details
  • Evaluate and compare scientific experts and their affiliated institutions through carefully designed profiles containing publications, clinical trials, grant funding, industry payments, expertise, key collaborations and much more
  • Expand your network of strategic collaborators by identifying additional similar researchers and institutions before your competitors
  • Scout and monitor stakeholders who work with your key competitors and evaluate the nature of their collaboration
  • Export data, share work spaces with your colleagues and integrate key content with your internal platforms or with third party solutions

Platform content


  • 6 703 340 expert profiles
  • 170 010 890 collaborations between experts
  • 126 888 784 relationships between research activities


  • 19 148 201 research publications
  • 240 374 clinical trials
  • $475 billion grant payments
  • $24.94 billion industry payments


A new approach to critical R&D information

Monocl EGO is built for functions managing R&D information, including but not limited to:

  • External R&D and innovation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • R&D IT and informatics
  • Strategic alliance management
  • External scouting and BD

Created by industry professionals for industry professionals

Monocl EGO has been designed from scratch in close collaboration with global leading pharmaceutical companies. Each work space in Monocl EGO has been carefully tailored to facilitate your specific daily activities and to enable an iterative work process. The platform is based on a sophisticated machine learning architecture, which sets a new industry standard for relationship insights and external collaborations.



Integrate Monocl EGO with your internal software solutions to dramatically increase value

We offer a portfolio of Professional Services to support your Monocl EGO license. This includes stakeholder profiling, conference profiling and planning, tailored data integrations and more.

Does your organisation have large sets of internal data repositories that needs to be improved in terms of quality? Do you have e.g. historical data on sites, investigators, authors, experts and/or other critical stakeholders you would like to improve and plug into a continuous work flow with frequent updates? Make your  life easier and get continuously updated, actionable stakeholder information available at the tip of your fingers by integrating your solutions and infrastructure with our proprietary content. Our Professional Services team works closely with you and tailors each implementation process based on your data structure and requirements. Contact us to find out more.