Medical Affairs

Target the right stakeholders and drive engagement with Monocl EGO

Driving engagement from opinion leaders and rising stars to get your messages across is more important now than ever. The competition to work with opinion leaders, and increasingly with emerging rising stars, is extremely fierce in virtually all disease areas and research areas. It is therefore important to establish professional relationships with the right opinion leaders as early as possible. Identifying and prioritizing which stakeholders to collaborate in a rapidly changing landscape is both challenging and time-consuming. This is true regardless if you are conducting the work internally or if you are using third-party consultants. Using third-party consultants is a costly process which prohibits an iterative and transparent process. Performing the work in-house, on the other hand, leaves you with the job of sourcing and manually analyzing data from multiple siloed data sources – causing you to make decisions based on fragmented information. Without a 360-degree perspective and an objective process, you are prone to make sub-optimal and biased decisions.

Monocl EGO brings you the power of multiple data sources in one trusted location and with superior quality thanks to our machine-learning framework. Use it to make faster, smarter decisions and uncover new insights about which opinion leaders and rising stars to engage. It also lets you track which stakeholders that are working with your key competitors and helps you identify and act on hidden opportunities before anyone else.

Monocl EGO core features:

  • Identify and target the relevant opinion leaders and rising stars within seconds in any research area of interest and based on research profile similarity with existing stakeholders
  • Filter and sort opinion leaders and key stakeholders based on geographical location, scientific impact, detailed author and investigator characteristics and other important parameters
  • Evaluate and compare external experts through tailored workspaces with publications, trials, payments, collaborations, affiliations and much more
  • Reduce cost and complexity by optimizing the way you work with third-party consultants and different vendors
  • Increase your operational efficiency and work iteratively by accessing multiple global data sources, all in one single integrated view
  • Export the data to Microsoft Excel, share projects with your colleagues or do a full integration with your internal platforms such as your CRM

Platform content


  • 6 703 340 expert profiles
  • 170 010 890 collaborations between experts
  • 126 888 784 relationships between research activities


  • 19 148 201 research publications
  • 240 374 clinical trials
  • $475 billion grant payments
  • $24.94 billion industry payments


Unfolding new insights in Medical Affairs

Monocl EGO is designed for professionals working with core Medical Affairs functions:

  • Opinion leader and stakeholder engagement
  • Scientific and medical communications
  • Scientific advisory board establishment
  • Publications and clinical trials planning

By industry professionals for industry professionals

Monocl EGO has been designed from scratch in close collaboration with global leading pharmaceutical companies. Each work space in Monocl EGO has been carefully tailored to facilitate your specific daily activities and to enable an iterative work process. The platform is based on a groundbreaking machine learning architecture, which sets a new industry standard for stakeholder analytics and relationship insights.



Expand the expert profiling using our Professional Services

We offer a portfolio of Professional Services to support your Monocl EGO license. This includes stakeholder profiling, conference profiling and planning, tailored data integrations and more.

Need help selecting rising stars or opinion leaders based on target characteristics? Looking to establish a new advisory board for a new product or therapy area? These are some examples when we combine our deep industry expertise with the powerful analytics enabled by Monocl EGO to further accelerate your medical affairs, communications and development activities. For stakeholder selection projects, we work closely with you establish the right selection criteria. Once established, we work in a transparent fashion to evaluate, profile and rank selected stakeholders using a combination of our software and market research. The end result is delivered in dynamic reports, as well as directly in Monocl EGO. The latter puts the full suite of analytics to your disposal, thereby enabling you to track stakeholder activity over time and take action to drive stakeholder engagement.