Big Pharma|Clinical research

Which investigators and sites are fit to run our upcoming oncology trials based on relevant target knowledge?

One of the world’s largest pharma companies are using Monocl EGO globally for investigator and site selection since 2016. One key reason for the success is that they are able to identify highly relevant investigators and sites in both common and rare disease areas. As each investigator is fully profiled with publications, grants and industry payments in addition to clinical trials, a much deeper and holistic understand is made possible. The overall approach has been very effective for investigator selection, site feasibility and clinical intelligence functions, not only in oncology but in a range of therapeutic areas.

Big Pharma|R&D information

Which academic medical centers and affiliated researchers should we prioritize in the US?

One of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies acquired and quickly expanded its Monocl EGO license to support the strategic collaboration processes with external stakeholders. Monocl EGO is used to address several key questions:
– Which external stakeholders should we prioritize and which existing collaborations should we discontinue?
– Who are the most relevant potential collaborators per US state for a range of specific drug targets?
– Which medical institutions are generating the most high impact research for a specific rare disease?
– Who is working with our competitors and what is the nature of each collaboration?

Global wound care company|Medical affairs

Which experts should we add to our scientific advisory board in the diabetic foot ulcer space?

Monocl Professional Services executed the project using Monocl EGO in combination with secondary market research. Leading diabetic foot ulcer experts, as well as highly important up-and-coming researchers were identified and evaluated based on multiple criteria. Each expert was ranked and classified into four different tiers. Selected stakeholders were subsequently profiled in-depth based on accomplishments, scientific merits, speaking engagements, awards, collaborations with key competitors and much more. Digital deliveries were made alongside reports and the outcome was used to establish a European advisory board.

Major instrument manufacturer|Medical affairs/marketing

Which leading opinion leaders in the micro-PET space should we engage globally?

Monocl Professional Services executed the project using Monocl EGO in combination with secondary market research. Key opinion leaders and rising stars were identified, prioritized and ranked into three separate tiers based on a number of factors. Each expert was profiled in depth based on scientific accomplishments, industry collaborations, scientific merits and award and much more. The outcome was used to establish a KOL strategy for new imaging products.

Major instrument manufacturer|Sales & Marketing

Which scientific experts are most likely to be early adopters of our upcoming liquid biopsy product?

One major instrument manufacturer acquired its Monocl EGO license before the launch of a new product for a liquid biopsy application. They were looking to identify and approach senior researchers who were working with the incumbent technology and had recently received grants for research projects in highly relevant fields. Because of the combined information on research focus, grants received and author characteristics readily available in Monocl EGO, they were able to easily build a list of 5000 prospects in just one day. All had characteristics that matched the ideal customer profile with recent grant funding and consequently had the financial means to invest in new products. Later, their Monocl EGO license was expanded and distributed to both sales and marketing directors to help them boost performance in their initial outreach. Thanks to the new targeted approach, the company experienced an increase in email opening rate from 13% to 70% and overperformed their projected sales targets by 65%.

Big Pharma|R&D Information

How can we get up to date information and see how our current and historically stakeholders relate to each other and our competitors?

One of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies approached Monocl with an extensive data set of investigator and sites with which it had historically collaborated with in some capacity. The data had been gathered by different divisions in their clinical research departments over decades. Because of this, it was far from consistently presented and really only represented a snapshot of the sites and investigators at a particular point in time. Although valuable, it was considered to fragmented and, in most cases, outdated to form the basis for decisions. As their Monocl EGO license was acquired, the company initiated a project together with Monocl’s Professional Services team. A customized integration with their CRM system was made to update and enrich the extensive data sets. All sites and investigators were matched and are now continuously update with their corresponding Monocl EGO profiles. Enabling the company to see how their stakeholders relate to each other, their competitors and provide them with the up to date information they need to re-evaluate and track them.